IVS-220 Overlay and CD Metrology System

Reliability and flexibility are the hallmark of the IVS 200 series and on those benchmarks, the IVS 220 is no different. Where the IVS 220 sets itself apart is in the advanced technology that allows for hight throughput and outstanding performance in precision and TIS on registration overlay.

Overlay registration, CD, Z height, contact, bump, vernier, in circuit overlay are all possible.

With world wide support and representatives in every major market, Inspectrology is well positioned to provide the support needed to keep fabs running at peak efficiency.

We specialize in supporting smaller factories where system up-time is critical. We understand the needs to keep up time at 100% and mean time between failures to months and years.

Inspectrology is your complete, reliable solution provider for quality metrology sales and services.

With decades of Metrology experience, the semiconductor professionals at Inspectrology provide full service support, metrology products, metrology standards, and educational training services to fabs worldwide.

Inspectrology provides Metrology System sales and services to fabs in a wide range of market sectors including Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), Semiconductor, Compound Semiconductor (GaAs, GaN, SiC, SOI, InP, LiNO3 etc), LED (Light Emitting Diode) and Solar.


Metrology Systems and Products

Inspectrology carries a complete line of Metrology Systems including the IVS 200 and the new IVS 220. IVS Metrology systems have been providing reliable, robust measurements to fabs world wide for 40 years.

IVS Metrology Systems feature unsurpassed wafer measurement capability on the toughest layers, CD & overlay measurements in the same recipe and a host of other features.

Inspectrology’s Clear Wafer Aligner is an innovative imaging source used to facilitate the alignment of transparent wafers such as Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride and Saphire.

Replacement Parts for IVS Metrology Systems

Cybeq2831PrealignerInspectrology carries a complete line of replacement parts for the entire line of IVS Metrology Systems. We can provide you with many new parts for your  IVS System. We also have a complete line of IVS System parts have been expertly refurbished in house by our own IVS system engineers.


IVS Metrology System Support Services

Inspectrology offers comprehensive support services for all IVS Metrology systems, including Service Contracts, Preventative Maintenance Services and Emergency Service. In addition we offer a wide range of educational services, including System Training for IVS Metrology Systems. The people who know these systems best, the original designers and developers of the IVS Metrology systems, also provide this outstanding IVS System Training.


Metrology Industry Resources

WaferAs dedicated metrology professionals, Inspectrology engineers have contributed metrology technical papers and other important research material regularly. We also partner with leading metrology and wafer inspection companies to ensure total support and service to all of our customers worldwide.


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